Nutrition Clerk

Mount Auburn Hospital

Job Description

1. Provides direction to patient service attendants in menu collection on assigned units. 2. Utilizing the patient kardex and menu correction guidelines, corrects menus with 85-90% accuracy according to the prescribed diet order, taking into account therapeutic meal plans, patient food allergies, dietitians' instructions in the kardex, and patient preferences. Labels patient meals. 3. Opens and closes the nutrition care area for business. 4. Communicates daily to the supervising dietitian regarding patients' nutritional status, diet comprehension, and ability to select own menu and/or make appropriate food choices when read to. 5. Participates in training of new Dietary Office personnel. 6. Oversees the patient tray line to ensure quality control of food and clinical accuracy of the tray. Checks tray line for a minimum of 90% accuracy. 7. Consistently completes temperature and taste log of assigned tray line prior to each meal. Tastes two items. Communicates with the Food Services Supervisor or cooks concerning unacceptable products. 8. Updates patient menus accurately according to diet order prior to each meal service, including computer notices, after diet census is run. a. Maintains fewer than one incident report or one to two nursing complaints of errors in one year. b. Records meal counts consistently. 9. Monitors telephone and computer for diet changes, new admissions, late trays, and requests. a. Carries out late tray requests and records on late tray log in a timely manner. b. Returns immediately to the Nutrition Office after bringing out to the Kitchen. 10. Prints patient census, computer reports, and labels at assigned times. Accurately updates nourishment labels prior to each feeding. 11. Tallies patient menus with 90% accuracy for communication to food production area. 12. Communicates directly with Nursing personnel and unit secretaries regarding changes and/or problems with patient orders. 13. Communicates directly with Dietary personnel regarding the provision of late trays. 14. Participates in the ordering of various office supplies within budgetary constraints when assigned. 15. Updates tube feeding recipes accurately. 16. Distributes nutrition information sheets to all patients who can read them.

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20 hours +

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