Housekeeper (DED)

Hebrew SeniorLife

Job Description

Provides daily cleaning, room and floor/carpet care, moving and project services as directed. Assist with personal laundering/bed making. Assist Resident care by responding to request/call lights and supports mealtime. Informs Nursing when appropriate, such as medical questions or needs.


Maintain cleanliness of household and public spaces
Clean apartments/ resident rooms as scheduled
Participate in quarterly deep cleaning of households and kitchens
Responds to call bells and resident/patient requests
Assist with laundering personal linens/bed making
Assist residents at meal times
Demonstrates knowledge of department policies and procedures
Demonstrates knowledge and efficient use of cleaning techniques, equipment and tools
Performs all daily cleaning, floor/carpet care, and projects as assigned by supervisor
Maintains equipment, tools and Housekeeping areas in a clean, orderly and safe condition
Responds to emergencies, special needs and spills as required or directed
Assist other associates as necessary or directed


High school diploma
One to two years service worker preferred
Command of English strongly preferred