Certified Hospice Aide

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Plymouth

Job Description

- High school diploma or equivalent is required

Part Time Certified Hospice Aide position is available


Maintains awareness of client's physical, mental and spiritual well-being

Promotes client's self participation in ADL's where appropriate

Enhances client's muscular use by providing proper body alignment. Exercises extremities through active and passive ROM as indicated and ambulates with or without assistive devices.

Transfers clients per care plan.

Performs the following client services: bathing, assisting in skin care (reporting any skin changes), assisting in foot care, oral hygiene, shampooing, filing and cleaning nails, dressing, shaving, and monitoring variations of the client's physical baseline.

Ensures adequate nutrition and hydration of client. Prepares meals, monitors intake, and assists in feeding when indicated.

Ensures clients general elimination is in normal pattern. Assists with use of commodes, bedpans and urinals. Monitors output when indicated; performs basic ostomy and incontinence care.

Reminds clients to take prescribed medications.

When instructed, takes temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure.

May performs limited home management tasks in the immediate client environment, which may include: meal preparation, washing dishes, light laundry, light housekeeping, and bed making with linen changing.

Works collaboratively with other community health care providers.

Attends support groups

May provide lengthy service visits.

Participates as a member of the Hospice Interdisciplinary Team to address problems.

Provides emotional support to assist dying patients and families

Responsible for providing care in a patient's home, group home, assisted living or skilled nurse facility.


Applicants pre 8/14/90 - Completion of 60hr HHA training in DPH approved program.

Applicants post 8/14/90 - Completion of 75hrs HHA training following HCFA guidelines.

Applicants credentialed through out of state program meeting HCFA regulations - No additional training is required. Agency must verify prior employment with Medicare/Medicaid CHHA agency.

Proof of competency and orientation to agency for all applicants.

Employment Type

Part time


24 hpw day shifts w/ wkend & holiday rotation