Lead Security Officer - Mercy 40 Hrs flex schedule

Sisters of Providence Health System

Job Description

Facility: Mercy Medical Center In order to prevent losses due to accidents and incidents, performs and supervises general security work in the protection of persons, property and the enforcement of all applicable policies and regulations of the department, Mercy Medical Center and applicable federal, state, and local laws. Responsible for leading contract security staff on predetermined shifts as assigned, monitoring security officer performance and staffing. Assists with on the job training of contract security officers. Responds to all emergencies as needed. Participates as a member of the Hospital Incident Command System.
Provides for the safety and security of all persons and property for patients, visitors, and staff on the Mercy Medical Center Campus. Assists with monitoring digital surveillance system and access control.

According to established schedules, patrols, or as necessary, assigns other security officers to patrol designated areas and grounds on foot, car and/or on bicycle. Investigates unusual occurrences. Reports incidents, apparent damage, or loss of patient, visitor, or hospital property through fire, theft, vandalism or other unusual occurrences.

As appropriate, assures that hospital entrances, gates, doors, and windows are securely locked. Inspects equipment, machinery, alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and so forth to ensure same is properly working. Notifies appropriate personnel of problems as necessary. Completes monthly inspection reports.

As situations require, intercepts and detains unauthorized individuals on hospital grounds. Restrains unruly, abusive or injurious individuals according to established policies and procedures.

Investigates incidents in order to obtain related evidence necessary to provide documentation for police, court, or insurance reports.

Participates as a member of the Restraint Team during Code Yellow events. As needed, to ensure the safety of others, assists with and/or directs contract security staff to perform patient watches in Emergency Room or on patient floors as requested by medical staff. Completes mandatory annual training for de-escalation and restraint certification.

As needed, waits until properly relieved from his/her shift. Available to perform additional security functions on other shifts should an emergency arise.

Escorts patients, visitors and employees to hospital areas as requested.

Fills out own paperwork and ensures that all contract security officers complete all necessary paperwork documenting occurrences during shift.

Must meet the requirements to be sworn in as a Special Police Officer, holding police powers while working as a security officer at Mercy Medical Center in order to maintain order and safety of all patients, visitors and staff. Appears in court as required, to sign complaints and testify as needed.

Participates as member of the Disaster Response Team assisting with securing, monitoring and controlling access and traffic as needed. Participates as a member of the Decon Team during emergencies, as needed. Attends any necessary incident command training as required.

Employment Type

Full time


Rotating Shift