Radiation Therapist per diem as needed

Sisters of Providence Health System

Job Description

Assists Radiation Oncologist by treating patients with prescribed dose of ionizing radiation supplied and controlled through specialized radiation equipment. In doing so, prepares treatment room, explains procedures to patients, positions patients and administers treatments. Monitors patients during therapy sessions in order to ensure patients comfort and to observe changes in patients condition. Responsibilities are according to policies and procedures.


Accurately implements and delivers the prescribed planned course of radiation therapy utilizing megavoltage equipment, adhering to acceptable departmental, institutional, governmental and professional standards.
Reviews patient prescription and diagnosis prior to delivery of each treatment.
Explains procedure to patient and the means of communication during treatment and procedure in case of an emergency.
Transfers patients safely to treatment couch, giving special attention to catheters, IVs, wheel chairs and cart wheels are locked and insures adequate personnel are available to transport if patient cannot move on their own. Performs safe lifting procedures to transfer or lift patients safely from treatment table to standing, sitting or lying position with help from available staff.
Routinely walks and stands with short periods of sitting at treatment work station on a daily basis.
Maintains patient field markings.
Positions patients and modifies standard procedure to accommodate patients condition
Reviews and verifies daily treatment time and delivers prescribed dose.
Maintains visual and/or audio communication with patient during treatment.
Obtains required port films during prescribed course of treatment according to department standards.
Practices radiation protection for the patient, self and others; applies radiation safety principles.
Assesses and evaluates patient for unusual reactions and/or medical problems and reports conditions to chief therapist, radiation oncology nurse and/or radiation oncologist.
Recognizes emergency patient conditions and assists and/or initiates first aid and/or basic life support procedures when appropriate.
Documents daily dose information accurately and performs simple mathematical calculations in patient treatment charts.
Interacts with patients and families concerning their physical and psychological needs on a daily basis and reports any unusual situations to the appropriate personnel.
Maintains accurate billing records, records all treatments, reviews and prepares charges for export.
Provides chart audit functions when necessary.
Processes radiographs when necessary.
Ability to learn and treat patients in special procedures area to include fractionated radiotherapy, stereotactic radiosurgery, principles of CT treatment planning, image guided radiation therapy and any new technology introduced to the clinic.

Performs duties in tumor localization procedures/simulationsEnsures that patient consent has been obtained by physicians.
Accurately applies skin markings on patients skin and instructs patient in proper care in preserving markings.
Accurately positions patient: lying straight and/or in correct treatment position.
Determines and adapts exposure factors for various patient conditions, equipment, accessories, and contrast-media and obtains diagnostic quality radiographs with minimum radiation exposure.
Prepares and administers proper contrast agents under the direction of a physician and correctly labels all syringes and containers.

Maintains and prepares rooms, equipment and materials for patient careAssesses treatment rooms to assure all equipment is operational and quality checks have been performed.
Prepares treatment room and equipment for patients according to prescription regarding immobilization devices, field size, treatment distances, shielding devices, gantry and/or collimator angles, etc.
Performs limited quality assurance procedures and reports any deficiencies to supervisor and/or physicist.
Performs quality assurance warm-up tests on treatment units, linear accelerators and simulators; corrects minor faults and/or initiate corrective action following established protocols.

Demonstrates a commitment to courteous, sincere, and sensitive customer service. Incumbent will present a positive and caring attitude in all interactions with patients, visitors, and staff. Demonstrates patience, tolerance, and accepts diversity. Presents a positive image of themselves and of the hospital in all personal and telephone interactions. Maintains strict patient and family confidentiality.

Provides support to other department personnel as needed.


Graduate of an approved school in Radiation Therapy Technology by the Committee on Allied Health Education and Accreditation in the form of a Certificate, Associates or Bachelors degree in Radiation Therapy plus twelve to twenty-four months of on-the-job training and orientation.

Registered as a Radiation Therapist by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Valid CPR certification required.

Work requires the analytical ability to resolve complex problems requiring the use of basic scientific, biological, mathematical or technical principles and in-depth, experience-based knowledge.

Works requires the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. This may include explaining clinical, technical and diagnostic procedures to patients and their families, comforting patients and their families, enforcing policies and regulations in difficult situations, or performing duties requiring a comparable level of communication skill.

Work requires providing direct patient care to young adult, adult and geriatric patients. Knowledge of age specific requirements for communication with and clinical care of young adults, adults and elderly patients.

Work requires ability to reach and grasp objects and the ability to lift up to 40 pounds, twist, bend, walk for up to two hours at a time, see and hear.


Requires working in an area in which there is exposure to radiation, which requires caution and use of, established safety guidelines and equipment.


Reports to the Chief Therapist.
Has no responsibility for leading or supervising the work of other employees.

Employment Type

Part time

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