Polysomnographic Technologists (2) 36 hrs, variable schedule Mon-Sun nights, including 3-4 Friday or Saturday night shifts per month)

Boston Medical Center

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Sleep Laboratory Coordinator, performs state-of-the-art testing for a wide variety of sleep disorders and circadian rhythm abnormalities. Ensures accurate data collection and analysis and explains appropriate treatment options in a timely, professional manner in a patient-based clinical laboratory setting.Requires, in addition to the knowledge normally acquired through a high school education technical training in EEG technology or equivalent which would be acquired in the first two years of an AMA approved technical school or college program.
Requires advanced skills in using complex neurologic equipment used in conducting EEG examinations.
Requires experience in performing complex technical tasks that normally would be acquired with the training listed above during six to twelve months of directly related experience.
Professional registration in sleep disorders or neurophysiological testing is preferred.
Requires analytical ability needed to analyze complex test results and make preliminary determinations.
Requires interpersonal skills sufficient to interview and explain procedures to patients and skills to allay fears and anxieties.

Employment Type

Full time

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