Cape Cod Healthcare

Job Description

Practices according to entity mandatory requirements.
Practices according to department expectations.
Practices with a Customer Service approach to all activities.
Cares for patients utilizing the nursing process.
Provides care a part of the interdisciplinary team.
Utilizes internal and external resources.
Provides effective patient/family teaching.
Documents according to entity/dept. guidelines.
Administers medications safely.
Provides care according to best practice standards of care in nursing.
Identifies signs and symptoms of neglect/abuse and reports as required by law.
Cares for the terminally ill patient and family.
Manages the patient with pain.
Utilizes chemical and physical restraints as per policy.
Utilizes techniques of time management effectively.
Provides care respective of patient's advance directives.
Maintains appropriate licenses, certifications registrations required to perform duties of their designated role/position.
Addresses age-specific needs of infants, toddlers, school age, adolescents, adults, older adults.
Manages patients with respiratory distress and /or airway obstruction.
Performs cardiovascular assessment.
Performs neurological assessment.
Provides care for patients receiving epidural anesthesia.
Demonstrates knowledge of neuromuscular blockade (anesthesia agents and adjunct muscle relaxants).
Demonstrates knowledge of regional anesthesia/local blocks.
Demonstrates knowledge of anesthesia agents and adjuncts (central nerve blocks/conductive blocks).
Takes measures to provide thermoregulation and intervenes appropriately when identifying malignant hyperthermia.
Provides care to post-op patients.
Manages patients with intravenous therapy.
Cares for patients experiencing post-op nausea/vomiting.
Performs pre-op assessments.
Provides care for patients undergoing/receiving IV conscious sedation.
Uses Sorian appropriately and accurately.


Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing.
Telemetry qualified.
Current BLS certification.
Current MA RN Licensure required.
Current ACLS certification.

Employment Type

Regular-Per Diem


Per-diem hours, occsasional weekends, occasional holidays