Neurophysiology Technologist (FT, 40 Hrs, Days)

Boston Medical Center

Job Description

Under direct supervision of either a neurophysiology specialist, or Chief Technologist, the incumbent will set up and run standard electroencephalographic (EEG) examinations (includes routine awake and sleep EEGs, portable EEGs and long term monitoring (LTM) bedside EEGs) on both outpatients and inpatients.Responsibilities include test set up, electrode application, conduction of tests and the collection of information pertinent to the interpretation of the tests. May perform activating procedures as clinically needed. Interacts with patients direct care providers and multidisciplinary team members by providing information about significant and pertinent EEG events. Documents description of patients clinical symptoms onto the patient record. Maintains the integrity of the patients recording. Edits and archives patient data. May perform clerical/administrative duties as required. The incumbent will split their time between the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and the EEG Lab according to a predetermined schedule, with some flexibility to accommodate for patient need and hospital volume.

The incumbent will report to the Chief Technologist, with indirect reporting to the EEG Medical Director. This individual must be able to work as a collaborative team member with the Chief EEG Technologist and fellow EEG Techs. They must also have a flexible attitude to take on different assignments, sometimes with last-minute changes to accommodate patient needs and priorities as they arise.

Greets and identifies patient using two patient identifiers. Explains the monitoring process, additional tests, and staff roles to the patient and/or family. May perform the tests in the laboratory, at the patient bedside, in an intensive care unit or in the emergency room.

Selects predetermined standard and special electrode combinations (montages) made necessary by the case under study. May need to add additional electrodes as clinically indicated.

Measures patients head, and preps patients scalp prior to placement of electrodes. Applies electrodes securely using collodion or tape application. Checks electrode impedances, as well as the monitoring equipment to ensure a quality recording prior to the start of the study.

Monitors and maintains the integrity of the patients recording for the length of the patients stay. Will reapply electrodes and head dressing as needed. .

Monitors recording as it is in progress and defines abnormal from normal activity based on the patients history and clinical condition. Recognizes significant clinical and electrographic patterns and provides intervention when deemed appropriate.

Obtains standard recordings, recognizes artifacts and takes appropriate steps to eliminate them. Uses activating procedures such as hyperventilation, photic stimulation and sleep as clinically indicated

Documents patients clinical symptoms, level of alertness and interaction with staff during key elements of the patients recording. Abstracts relevant information from the patients clinical record and obtains additional information from a patient interview. Retrieves previous records for comparison and downloads information onto the system.

Employment Type

Full time