Clinical Care Manager, Complex Care

Tufts Medical Center

Job Description

Reports directly to the executive director of nursing and patient care services with clinical supervision from the medical director of the pediatric complex care program. The Pediatric Clinical Care Manager (CCM) for Complex Care is responsible and accountable for care coordination and medical co-management for children enrolled in the Pediatric Complex Care Program. Serves as the accountable nursing leader in the development of the pediatric complex care program. Together with the team of clinical staff, the CCM will prioritize patient care maximizing efficiencies. This clinical provider will provide patient care within regulations in accordance to their licensure within the Commonwealth of MA.

The Clinical Care Manager is a leader within the Floating Hospital and provides direction and sets nursing care priorities for patient care within the complex care program.
Commitment and expertise in family centered care
Strong program development skills
Contributes to the development of effective care interventions and tools
The Clinical Care Manager establishes priorities for each patient/family in collaboration with the interdisciplinary care team
The Clinical Care Manager facilitates care provided by individuals and departments outside of the Floating Hospital, seeking appropriate support to alleviate identified obstacles to efficient care.
The performance of the CCM will be based on:
Performance on established metrics of care efficiency
Ability to create and maximize teamwork
Clinical ability as an advance practice provider
Leadership and management acumen
Leader in establishment of quality assessments and improvement activities
The Clinical Care Manager will perform within the role functions of NP and/or PA when indicated, and within job descriptions.
Develops and maintains affinity between all members of the complex care administrative and Clinical staff, thus producing high performing, patient focused teamwork.
Develops and maintains affinity between all supporting departments, clinical areas, and staff outside the Floating Hospital, thus producing high performing, patient focused teamwork.
Mature professional who exhibits the following skills:
Leadership skills: Serves as an accountable nursing leader for program and team members. Lead by example, Positive thinking, focused on goal, evidence based care
Communication Skills: Listens, persuades, influences and leads others.
Organization skills: Plans, sets goals, analyzes results
Educator: able to convey information effectively
Team building Skills: Sets examples, provides vision, flexible, delegates, positive, energetic
Coping skills: Flexible, creative, patient, persistent
Technical skills: Experience, clinical knowledge and expertise,
Inspires a shared vision
Successful communicator
Competence in role of CCM
Ability to delegate tasks
Cool under pressure
Team building skills
Problem solving skills
Qualified in all basic and advanced cardiac life support standards as set by the American Heart Association (PALS).
Possess the knowledge, skills and ability to care for pediatric patients with a broad range of medical and complex challenges
Sophisticated knowledge and aptitude in family centered care
Possess the maturity, self-confidence, and ability to identify complex patient management plans through collaboration with the complex care team.

Masters degree in Nursing required.
Current Massachusetts Registered Nurse license and APNP license required.
BLS Certification required, PALS recommended preferred.
Project management and program development experience required.
Previous Leadership and management experience required.
Eligible for state and federal controlled substances registration.
Multilingual skills preferred.
Possesses and applies the skills and knowledge necessary to provide care to patients throughout the life span, with consideration of aging processes, human development stages and cultural patterns in each step of the care process.
Ability to provide primary care for a caseload of patients according to practice guidelines and hospital policies, procedures and protocols.
Provides formal feedback to all members of the care team and support department.
Provides input to a budget and provides oversight to the nursing aspects of resource allocation and development of the program.
Sets goals and reports on outcomes to designated hospital committees.
Identifies and works with hospital leaders and members of the care team to remove barriers in development and operations of the program.
Serves as the accountable nursing leader and consider member of the management team.

Employment Type

Full Time