Ultrasound Technologist

Lawrence Memorial Hospital

Job Description

Performs high quality diagnostic ultrasound exams and special diagnostic ultrasound procedures (as needed) under the direction of a physician; involving the use of high frequency sound waves to investigate the internal aspects of the human body. Requires a high degree of technical knowledge pertaining to acoustics and its various interactions within the human body.An in depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology is also required so the technologist can evaluate laboratory data, past medical history and pertinent symptoms to tailor the ultrasound examination to each patient individually in a safe, accurate and timely manner.The Ultrasound technologist will need to work on an independent basis but will also be required to function as a team player. Duties may overlap with different job descriptions throughout the Imaging Department and Center as a whole, as needed, to assure smooth operations of the entire department and best satisfaction for the patient.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required


Associates Degree from a two-year college based ultrasound program or one-year certificate ultrasound based program.


Two years work experience as an ultrasound technologist with Breast experience preferred.


Should be proficient in Breast ultrasounds & procedures requiring ultrasound guidance (i.e.: biopsies, aspirations)

Employment Type

Per Diem